Breast Augmentation Recovery

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Many of our patients are busy people with numerous commitments across Denver. Breast augmentation, then, is something they want, but they’re also worried about the time commitment involved. It’s difficult these days to find time off work, and that’s before taking into account all of your family commitments.

We’re committed to providing you with a safe, comfortable plastic surgery experience. Every patient’s recovery is unique, but we can provide you with a general timeline that you can use to plan your post-procedure downtime.

We’ll also answer all of your breast augmentation questions and help you understand the process.

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How To Prepare For Your Denver Breast Augmentation

Our plastic surgeons will provide you with specific, written instructions before your breast augmentation. However, a healthy recovery begins even before the procedure itself. You should prepare for your procedure by:

  • Giving up smoking; it can impair healing and make your recovery longer than it needs to be
  • Avoiding medications aside from those recommended by our doctors for a couple weeks before your procedure
  • Arranging to have someone drive you home from your procedure (we will use general anesthesia, which means it won’t be safe for you to drive)

These steps will go a long way toward shortening your recovery time.

What To Expect

The breast augmentation is done and you’re ready to go home. What happens next? How long before you can return to work?

These are understandable questions. The recovery process usually works like this:

  • You’re going to need some help around the house for about a week after your procedure; heavy lifting, playing with your kids and other straining, strenuous activities should be avoided
  • Most patients can return to work within four or five days after their procedure, though you can expect a longer wait if you opt for a sub-muscular implant placement
  • During these first few days you will likely experience some swelling, tenderness and discomfort. Our doctors will prescribe you pain medication beforehand.
  • After a few days you can begin an exercise regimen. Keep it low impact and avoid upper body strain. Walking is an excellent way of promoting blood flow and healing.
  • After three weeks you can begin ramping up your exercise routine, clearing all activities with your doctor first. Most patients can return to a full, normal routine, complete with upper body exercises, after six weeks
  • You will begin seeing results after about two months. The final results can take between six and nine months to completely make themselves known.

If you have questions about recovery, post-surgical discomfort or any other aspect of the breast augmentation procedure, we’re happy to answer them.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and you want to learn more about the breast augmentation procedure, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery today.