Will a Body Lift Leave Scars?

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Will Body Lift Leave ScarsAfter working so hard to lose a significant amount of weight, you may want to finish your body transformation with surgery to tighten your skin around your trimmer, leaner form. One of the concerns we often hear from patients considering body lift procedures is fear of having scars from their body lift surgery.

Any surgery that requires incisions will leave some form of scar on your skin. However, our experienced plastic surgeons can often place incisions in locations that are not noticeable or are easily covered with bathing suits or clothing. For example, tummy tuck incisions are placed in the pubic region and are easily covered with swimwear or clothing.

Some other areas of the body do require incisions that will leave visible scars. An arm lift is one procedure which may leave a scar along the back of your arm. Many patients opt to proceed with surgery because they would rather enjoy toned arms with firm skin than leave some areas of the body with sagging skin. In consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons, you can discuss your concerns about scarring and learn exactly what to expect for the procedures you are considering.

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