Why is Experience Important in a Plastic Surgeon?

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We always emphasize the safety of our plastic surgery procedures, and for good reason. Your wellbeing is our number one priority, and all of our procedures are commonly performed and boast impressive safety records.

But this might raise an understandable question in your mind- if the procedures are both safe and commonly performed, why does the experience of the plastic surgeon matter? After all, these are relatively simple procedures- shouldn’t any doctor do?

There are two reasons to place your trust in experience when choosing a plastic surgeon in the Denver area. First, when we talk about the safety of these procedures, it is within the context of a procedure performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. The statistics about the safety of a breast augmentation, for example, assume a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon.

The second reason requires facing a simple truth: no matter how safe and commonly performed a procedure it is, it remains a surgical procedure. That means something can go wrong. This happens quite rarely, but it’s important not to run from that reality.

Experience means your surgeon has seen what can go wrong and has handled such problems in the past. Experience means he won’t be surprised by what he sees. And experience means he’ll know how to safely navigate the problem and get you to safety.

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