When is a mommy makeover the right choice?

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A mommy makeover is a great way to help mothers restore their appearance back to what it was before having a baby. Options can include post-pregnancy plastic surgery, skin treatment, and cellulite removal. These procedures are a great way to restore a woman’s confidence that can wane after a pregnancy.

While there are several benefits to these procedures, one must consider several factors before determining the proper time to consult a doctor about this procedure.

Is the mommy makeover right for Denver, CO-area patients like you?

A mommy makeover can achieve a tremendous change.

These include:

  • Stubborn fat – you’ve tried on your own and just can’t jog it away.
  • You do not plan to have more children – multiple procedures may not be wise. Wait until you are sure you will not have to go through it again.
  • You are a smoker – you’ll need to quit before undergoing plastic surgery.
  • History of health complications – make sure you are healthy enough for the procedure.

Our Denver based experts at Grossman Plastic Surgery will go over all of these factors with you and help you determine not only if this procedure is for you, but the ideal time to undergo it.

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