What is gynecomastia?

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Gynecomastia is is the swelling of breast tissue in men, generally caused by a hormonal imbalance. It often occurs during infancy and sometimes in puberty and sometimes last into adulthood. It is a fairly common condition, affecting about 40-60% of the male population.

There are different levels of gynecomastia and, while true gynecomastia is much rarer, pseudo gynecomastia, or the appearance of fatty male breasts is much more common. While the more serious this condition becomes, the harder it is to hide, thankfully there are cosmetic options for men who suffer from this.

Before surgery is considered, patients should know that sometimes gynecomastia can be treated with certain types of hormone therapy. If however, these treatments are not successful, surgery may be an option.

Through Liposuction, excess fat can be removed, which can sometimes correct the issue alone. However, in some cases, especially when the patient's issues are glandular disorders, further surgery is required. In these cases, patients should consult a surgeon to go over all of the options.

Generally, no matter what procedure is required, men can usually return to work within a week, as the recovery period is quick.

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