What’s the Most Googled Plastic Surgery Procedure?

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Most Googled Plastic SurgeryEveryone starts their research for plastic surgery online. From types of procedures to doctors’ credentials, you can find a lot of information on the web. A recent study conducted by Plastic Surgery Portal and Digital Third Coast looked at user search habits across the country, and what they found might surprise you.

The plastic surgery procedure that gets googled the most actually depends on which state you live in. For Colorado, users searched for “laser hair removal” more often than any other procedure.

Across the country, trends can be seen by region. In the Northwest, “breast implants” are the most popular search. In the South, “liposuction” is the favorite. “Lip injections” are a concern for users in the Southwest, and the Midwest seems most interested in male enhancement.

A full map of the results can be viewed here.

Of course, these are just the most searched for terms. After researching procedures and talking with qualified plastic surgeons, these users may select a different procedure to achieve their beauty goals.

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