How Long will My Breast Implants Last?

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Denver breast implants - Grossman Plastic SurgeryBreast augmentation provides you with an effective way to improve the size, shape and overall appearance of your breasts. Recent advances in breast implant technology have made them safer, more natural looking and more durable than ever before. However, like all surgical devices, breast implants aren't intended to last forever. Over time, they will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Fortunately, in most instances you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new breast appearance for many years before this occurs.

The lifespan of breast implants varies from person to person. In some rare instances, they may need to be removed within a few years due to complications. They can also potentially last as long as 25 years on occasion. But on average, most women find that their breast implants last somewhere between 10-20 years.

Some of the factors that may impact how long your implants last include:

  • The activities you engage in
  • The skill of your surgeon
  • Whether you become pregnant after undergoing breast augmentation
  • The type of implant you choose

Often, breast implants will eventually need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear caused by the implants rotating and shifting in your breast pocket over time. However, there are some instances when a complication may cause you to replace your implants before they wear out. These may include:

  • Rupture -- It's possible for the silicone shell of your breast implant to rupture. If you have saline implants, this will result in the implant deflating and the saline solution being safely absorbed by your body. However, silicone implants maintain their form better in the event of a rupture, making it more difficult to detect the warning signs. As a result, it's important to undergo regular MRIs to ensure your silicone breast implants haven't ruptured.
  • Rippling -- In some instances, breast implants can ripple due to shifting of the filler and shell material. The risk of rippling is much higher in saline implants, and it is often more noticeable in women who have very little natural breast tissue. For this reason, petite women often achieve better results with silicone implants.
  • Capsular contracture -- Capsular contracture is a complication that occurs when scar tissue builds up and hardens around the breast implant. The most common warning signs are pain and hardening of the breast tissue.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Grossman and Dr. Capraro will go over this in great detail to ensure you have all the information you need before moving forward with your breast augmentation procedure.

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