Does the BOTOX provider actually matter?

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BOTOX has a long history of safety and effectiveness, and is now available at more locations than ever before. In Denver, BOTOX ® Cosmetic must be administered by trained medical professionals including registered nurses, physician’s assistants, and medical doctors; however there are reports that many non-medical personnel are performing injections “under the supervision of a physician.”

3 Warning Signs Your Injector Isn’t Qualified

  • Your provider isn’t willing to discuss the product in depth, including risks and benefits, as well as how long the results will last.
  • Your provider is trying to pressure you into doing more than you are comfortable with to boost sales.
  • Your provider is located outside of a cosmetic surgeon’s office (malls are common locations) and does not provide other facial rejuvenation services.

Estheticians are not qualified to administer BOTOX, even if they are doing so “under supervision”. While allergic reactions to BOTOX are rare, they can be serious and even life threatening, so it is important to know the qualifications of the person administering the product.

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