Are There Non-Surgical Fat Removal Procedures?

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Liposuction is quite effective at its task- surgically removing stubborn deposits of fat. This makes it quite popular with Denver-area residents who are looking to achieve this goal.

But while safe and effective, liposuction does come with some downsides. It’s an invasive surgical procedure, which means removing fat can cause some trauma to the surrounding tissue. The resulting bruising and swelling often requires downtime for recovery.

Liposuction might still be the best option for you. But there are some non-surgical fat removal techniques, the most prominent of which is CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting uses a set of applicators to freeze the fat cells in a given treatment area (CoolSculpting can treat roughly the same body parts as liposuction). Once the fat cells are frozen and killed, your body naturally eliminates them over the course of weeks and months.

The end result is the erasure of the fat deposits that have long bothered you, all without invasive surgery and the required downtime. You will have a sleeker, more toned body you’ll enjoy admiring in the mirror.

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