What Do I Need to Know About The Mommy Makeover?

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For Denver-area women who have recently undergone the stresses and strain of pregnancy and child birth, the mommy makeover represents a nearly ideal solution to the resulting physical imperfections and concerns.

The mommy makeover is quite popular with new mothers who wish to return their bodies to their pre-pregnancy vitality, and understandably so. Here’s what you should know if you’re considering a mommy makeover:

  • The mommy makeover is not one procedure- it is, instead, a combination of a number of different procedures. The exact procedures will be chosen based on your goals and what’s right for you.
  • Because there are a number of procedures involved, your body will be under notable physical stress. All of these procedures boast impressive safety records, but a number of major surgeries in a short period of time pose unique challenges to the system. Make sure you’re in good health before considering a mommy makeover.
  • The mommy makeover can rejuvenate and revitalize a number of areas of concern, including the body, the breasts and the face. As such, it’s ideal if you have multiple concerns, instead of a single one.

Your entire mommy makeover process will be expertly managed by our board-certified plastic surgeons. You can count on our decades of experience to ensure you’re getting the right treatment for you.

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