Can you treat cellulite?

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Cellulite is composed of hardened bands of fibrous tissues under your skin. It poses a cosmetic issue because it causes your skin to pucker and dimple. This is rather unsightly and unpleasant, and many Denver-area patients would like to address it.

Fortunately, this is eminently possible. Grossman Plastic Surgery offers cellulite treatment in the form of VASERsmooth®, a safe, effective procedure that can help you achieve your cellulite elimination goals.

This procedure uses safe ultrasonic energy to break up unwanted fat and cellulite beneath your skin. It’s a very simple process- after numbing the treatment area, we will inject a saline solution to ease the breaking up of these bands. We then use a small probe to emit the ultrasonic waves. The liquified fat and cellulite are removed in a safe, gentle fashion.

This is a permanent solution to your cellulite problems, though it may take a few months or so for your full results to make themselves known.

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