Should I Quit Smoking Before Liposuction?

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We always urge our Denver-area patients to quit smoking before any procedure. This advice certainly applies to liposuction.

We understand that giving up smoking is a difficult, daunting task, and it might seem impossible before your liposuction procedure. But doing so will preserve and extend your life. It will also make recovery from your procedure much easier.

Generally speaking, you should avoid smoking for approximately two weeks before your procedure, though a permanent halt to the habit is by far the best idea.

Smoking has a deeply negative effect on your blood vessels. It will cause those vessels to shrink and harden over time, all while severely worsening your circulation. And this is a problem, since strong blood flow and circulation are crucial to healing.

Every surgical procedure causes a certain amount of trauma to your body’s muscles and tissues. Liposuction is no exception, though it is exceptionally safe. We rely on your body’s natural healing processes during the recovery period, and smoking inhibits those processes.

We’ll be happy to discuss your concerns related to smoking or any other element of the liposuction procedure. We’ll provide you with the advice and resources you need.

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