How Will We Choose Breast Implant Size?

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The purpose of a breast enlargement is obviously to enlarge and re-shape your breasts, so it’s an excellent option if you’re a Denver-area woman dissatisfied with the size of your breasts. But it’s important to remember that your decision regarding breast implant size is an important one.

Put simply, bigger isn’t always better. The largest implant size isn’t necessarily the right one for you. The goal with a breast enlargement should be to work with your natural beauty and body type in order to maximize your sense of self-confidence.

Our plastic surgeons have decades of experience helping women with implant sizing decisions. We understand the variables involved, which include:

  • Body type
  • Skin elasticity
  • Lifestyle factors- a more active and vigorous exercise regimen calls for a smaller implant size, for example

Many patients come in with the idea that they want a certain cup size. But while this is understandable, it’s a flawed metric and a poor way of determining your implant size. Cup sizes vary from bra manufacturer to bra manufacturer, so that a C-cup from Company A will be a slightly different size than a C-cup from Company B.

Furthermore, a certain size, however attractive on a friend or a famous actress, might not be right for you. If you have a slim, petite frame, larger implants might look unattractive and cause a certain amount of back or shoulder pain.

We will help you make this decision using our decades of experience, and with your goals and priorities as our guide stones.

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