Will My Breast Augmentation Leave Scars?

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Any time your skin is cut, a scar will result. Some scars are quite noticeable, and many others will fade over time to become nearly invisible. There are many factors that can make the difference, including healing, genetics, and location. Fortunately, Grossman Plastic Surgery’s breast augmentation procedures are designed to minimize scarring for our Denver patients.

There are several options for breast augmentation surgery, and your surgeon can help determine the best plan of action for your specific concerns. Common incision types include:

  1. Inframammary: in the fold under the breast. The scar is situated in the natural crease below the breast, and tends to heal well. This approach allows for all the structures of the breast and the nipple to remain intact. If a future surgery is needed, the new incision can be made at the same site.
  2. Periareolar: along the edge of the areola. The scar is diminished by the natural color changes of the skin. This may be desirable for smaller breasts where the lower side of the breast is visible.
  3. Trans-axillary: in the armpit. This is often called a “scarless breast augmentation”. In fact, the scar is hidden away from the breast area in the armpit. This is possible only once, and has a higher potential for infection due to naturally higher bacteria presence in the area.
  4. Trans-umbilical: through the belly button. This approach can only be used for saline implants which can be tightly rolled up. The tissues of the torso must be separated, and healing will take longer. While the incision is hidden in the belly button, there is potential for scarring beneath the skin along the abdomen. Because this approach has a high potential for complications, many surgeons will not use this method.

Our surgeons understand how important a pleasant result is for you. We have decades of experience minimizing scarring from breast augmentations.

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