Why might I need revision rhinoplasty?

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Perhaps the most difficult of all common cosmetic surgeries is rhinoplasty. The complex structures of the nose and sinuses and the delicate nature of the tissues involved make rhinoplasty a precise and demanding procedure for even the most experienced cosmetic surgeon.

There are several reasons why a Denver patient may seek a revision rhinoplasty. Poor communication between patient and surgeon is a common issue. Computer modeling is a great tool to help create a road map for your rhinoplasty goals. However, your actual outcome may vary considerably due to the structure of your nose.

An inexperienced surgeon might struggle with the procedure- our board-certified plastic surgeons can better estimate how a nose will heal and how to make the tiny adjustments that can give the best outcomes.

There are frequently changes during healing. There are many processes that are outside of your surgeon’s control, and of your own. Any of the following can cause changes to the final outcome:

  • patient genetics
  • scar formation
  • swelling or bruising
  • nerve regeneration, nausea and vomiting after anesthesia

Finally, one common cause of many rhinoplasty problems is a failure to carefully follow all instructions following their surgery. It can be tempting to second guess the instructions or lose patience with the healing process.

Our plastic surgeons are capable of addressing any flaws from a previous rhinoplasty procedure.

Your nose is one of your most recognizable features. If you live in or around the Denver, Colorado area and you’re considering revision rhinoplasty, call Grossman Plastic Surgery at 866-221-9655 or contact us online today.