Are There Aesthetic Consequences to Weight Loss?

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Weight loss is an excellent option for people who want to look better and possess more self-confidence in their appearance. Denver is a very fit city, and our residents have a commitment to healthy living.

Unfortunately, there are some extreme cases in which weight loss, while still an excellent lifestyle decision, produces unwanted aesthetic consequences. In these circumstances, plastic surgery after weight loss can address the issues.

Dramatic weight loss, especially in a relatively compressed time frame, can result in some dramatic cosmetic changes. These include:

  • Stretch marks
  • Excess, flabby skin
  • A large panniculus
  • Loosened abdominal muscles
  • Stubborn deposits of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise

These issues can undermine the purpose of your weight loss efforts, leaving you unable to fully enjoy the aesthetic benefits of your efforts.

Grossman Plastic Surgery can address these problems through plastic surgery. We can tighten loosened muscles and remove excess skin and stubborn fat. And you’ll finally be able to enjoy a body that reflects all of your hard work.

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