How Does BOTOX Work?

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If you’re considering BOTOX® as part of an effort to achieve significant facial rejuvenation, you might be curious about how exactly the procedure works. There are, after all, a lot of popular misconceptions about the procedure.

Wrinkles are caused by contractions in the muscles under your face. This is a long-term process- wrinkles are the results of billions of tiny contractions compounded over decades of life. Whether you’re smiling or squinting, the facial contractions required for those actions can eventually lead to wrinkles.

Those contractions are caused by signals sent from your brains to the nerves in your facial muscles. BOTOX® works by blocking the signals.

BOTOX® prevents your facial muscles from contracting by preventing them from receiving the contractions in the first place. Without those muscle contractions, your skin will, over time, gradually relax, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

When injected by the skilled, experienced medical professionals at Grossman Plastic Surgery,  BOTOX® is quite safe. The effects will gradually wear off and your facial muscles will begin contracting again. You can then return to our office for another treatment.

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