How should I prepare for Liposuction?

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Preparation is crucial if you are to have a pleasant liposuction experience in Denver. The procedure is quite safe and commonly performed, but surgery is always safer when a patient comes to it in the proper physical and mental state.

At Grossman Plastic Surgery, our doctors will do all they can to help you prepare for your liposuction procedure. This preparation usually entails:

  • Getting to near your ideal bodyweight; liposuction is not a weight loss procedure
  • Giving up smoking, which can inhibit healing and make recovery difficult
  • Giving up certain prescription medications before surgery; our doctors will provide you with a comprehensive list of medicines to avoid
  • Following any other instructions our doctors might provide

Taking these steps will go a long way toward improving the safety and effectiveness of your liposuction procedure.

Of course, we understand you probably have a whole range of liposuction questions. We’re happy to answer them and help you prepare in any way you feel is necessary.

If you’re a Denver, Colorado resident and you’re considering liposuction, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.