What Should My Top Consideration Be When Choosing a Denver Plastic Surgeon?

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In answering the question that serves as the title to this post, it’s important to acknowledge that every patient is unique and will possess different comfort levels with potential Denver plastic surgeons. However, you will rarely go wrong looking at a surgeon’s experience and qualifications when considering a plastic surgery procedure.

Experience is crucial because it represents real-life exposure to the realities of plastic surgery. Classroom education is indispensable, but there is a significant gulf between the theoretical and the practical.

An experienced Denver plastic surgeon understands what to expect when performing plastic surgery for a real human being. He knows what can go wrong and how to handle any potential complications during a procedure.

When considering a plastic surgeon’s credentials, look for active board certification. This is an ongoing process, which means that a surgeon must repeatedly demonstrate command of new surgical techniques and developments to retain his board certification.

At Grossman Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeons have decades of experience between them, and both are board-certified plastic surgeons. In other words, they possess the specialized experience you can trust.

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