Five Plastic Surgery Myths Denver Residents Should Know

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Plastic surgery is a popular topic of conversation in Denver and across the country. However, this doesn’t mean the conversation is always truthful or productive. Indeed, many myths about plastic surgery flourish in popular culture. These include:

  • Plastic surgery is dangerous: In reality, the most popular plastic surgery procedures are exceptionally common and possess excellent safety records. Every year millions of Americans undergo cosmetic surgery without experiencing any meaningful complications.
  • That means the plastic surgeon doesn’t matter: Nope. While these procedures are common, a common surgical procedure is still a complicated undertaking. You need a specially trained and experienced surgeon.
  • A doctor offering plastic surgery must be qualified: Again, and sadly, no. By law, a doctor needs only a medical school education and a medical license from the state to offer cosmetic procedures. They do not have to demonstrate any specific knowledge or skill.
  • Only insecure people undergo plastic surgery: In truth, most of our Denver-area patients are confident, successful people. They simply have one or two cosmetic issues they wish to address.
  • Plastic surgery will completely change the way I look: Different procedures accomplish different goals, and the extensiveness of your procedure will depend on your goals. However, these procedures are not designed to transform your entire appearance. They are designed to address specific, discrete issues.

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