Why Does the Appearance of My Ears Matter?

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From time-to-time, potential patients in Denver will express some surprise at discovering a plastic surgery procedure they had never heard of before. People are often intensely aware of certain cosmetic issues that other people might not notice as well.

Otoplasty is a procedure designed to reduce and re-shape large, protruding ears. While patients of all ages have undergone an otoplasty, the most common patients are between the ages of four and 14.

For these children, their large ears are not the harmless quirks some adults might consider them to be. Indeed, these children are often subjected to relentless ridicule from their peers, who are quite skilled at finding some physical feature to mock.

Plastic surgery represents one possible solution for these children. With otoplasty, the surgeons at Grossman Plastic Surgeon can dramatically re-shape the ears of our Denver-area patients, eliminating a source of stress and sadness.

Of course, not every child with large ears is a good candidate for an otoplasty. We’ll evaluate your child’s needs and determine if he or she can safely undergo the procedure.

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