Hospital Privileges

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A doctor with “privileges” at a hospital has the ability to admit patients to the hospital, order procedures and use the hospital’s facilities. At Grossman Plastic Surgery, our Denver plastic surgeons have privileges at Rose Medical Center and Sky Ridge Medical Center.

Why does this matter for you? Because hospital privileges are not easily given, and many doctors who perform cosmetic surgeries without specialized training and board certification lack these privileges. It’s something to look for when choosing a plastic surgeon in the Denver area.

Grossman Plastic Surgery only offers proven procedures with impressive safety records, and our plastic surgeons are board-certified and possess specialized experience. However, there is always risk in surgery, no matter the procedure. Things don’t go wrong often, but the possibility of complications is always there.

That’s why having hospital privileges is so important. Large, established medical centers like Rose and Sky Ridge possess equipment, facilities, resources and personnel that even well-equipped standalone surgical facilities lack.

With their decades of experience, our plastic surgeons have learned to recognize complications. We understand how to react to them. And with our privileges, you can trust in our ability to skillfully and safely handle any situation that might arise, no matter how rare.

You can visit the websites of Rose Medical Center and Sky Ridge Medical Center for more information.

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