Is Facial Liposuction an Option?

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Our Denver-area patients are often concerned about stubborn fat deposits around the chin and neck area. This facial fat can make your face look chubby and draw unwanted attention. Fortunately, facial liposuction is, indeed, a viable option for many patients.

Facial liposuction is quite similar to the traditional liposuction procedure, it’s just smaller in scale. We use a series of very small tubes to remove carefully targeted fat deposits from:

  • The neck
  • The cheek
  • Under the chin
  • Jowls

We also use VASER(R) Liposuction techniques, which involve the introduction of safe, low-power ultrasound waves to break up fat deposits and make them easier to remove. This also decreases recovery time and bruising.

The same factors that make a patient a sound candidate for liposuction also apply to facial liposuction. This is not a weight loss procedure, so you should be at or near your ideal bodyweight before undergoing facial liposuction. It’s an especially attractive option if you’ve recently lost a great deal of weight but still find yourself with those stubborn facial fat deposits.

With facial liposuction, Grossman Plastic Surgery can give you a strong, attractive jaw line and help you achieve the facial contours you’ve long desired.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and you want to learn more about your liposuction options, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.