Is a Mommy Makeover Safe?

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If you’re a Denver-area woman considering a mommy makeover, you should know that Grossman Plastic Surgery always prioritizes your safety above all other considerations. Our goal is to keep you safe.

Safety concerns are common for anyone about to undergo plastic surgery, and a mommy makeover does present unique mental and physical stresses. Fortunately, all of the procedures included as part of a mommy makeover are proven, effective and safe.

Still, undergoing a number of surgical procedures within a short period of time can be taxing on your body. That’s why our plastic surgeons will place so much importance on a thorough evaluation of your current state of health before recommending a mommy makeover.

Patients who are in good overall health and possess a relatively clean medical history can usually undergo the procedures involved in a mommy makeover with minimal risk of complications.

It’s important to be open and honest about any past medical problems you’ve experienced, as well as any allergies you might have. Our surgeons will address all of your safety concerns and make sure you are a good candidate for a mommy makeover.

If you’re a Denver, Colorado woman concerned about the cosmetic effects pregnancy has had on your body, a mommy makeover might be right for you. Please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.