When is a Mini-Facelift Appropriate?

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There are a range of plastic surgery options for Denver-area patients who are looking for a youthful, revitalized facial appearance. If you’ve only recently begun observing mild signs of age and wear, the traditional facelift procedure might not be right for you. Instead, a mini-facelift might be appropriate.

The only way to truly know which procedure will best help you achieve your goals is to come in to Grossman Plastic Surgery for a consultation and examination. However, a mini-facelift is often performed for patients who want to take preventative steps to address the early signs of age.

The mini-facelift is a significantly less involved and complicated procedure than the traditional facelift option. It requires one incision along the hairline and behind the ear. Our plastic surgeon will lift, tighten and smooth your skin and remove excess skin.

A mini-facelift also requires much less recovery time than a full facelift procedure. That’s why it’s often called a “weekend facelift.”

If you’re a Denver, Colorado-area resident considering plastic surgery to achieve impressive facial rejuvenation, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.