Is Breast Augmentation Safe?

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While every surgery carries with it the risk of complications, Denver-area women considering a breast augmentation can be confident in the safety of the procedure.

The breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. Every year, hundreds of thousands of American women undergo a breast augmentation without experiencing any significant complications.

The breast augmentation procedure as we know it today is now decades old, which means plastic surgeons like those at Grossman Plastic Surgery have been able to hone the procedure and greatly enhance both its safety and its effectiveness. Doctors are continuing to innovate, all in the name of keeping patients safe.

Again, there are risks associated with all surgeries, and it’s important you understand that a breast augmentation is significant surgery. Our doctors will answer all of your breast augmentation questions and clearly explain all of the associated risks before we move forward with any procedure.

But you can count on the skill and experience of our surgeons, as well as the fundamental safety of the breast augmentation procedure. Breast augmentation boasts an impressive safety record.

If you’re a resident of the Denver, Colorado area and you’re considering a breast augmentation, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.