What is Liposelection?

Plastic Surgeons serving Denver, Littleton, and Surrounding Areas in Colorado


At Grossman Plastic Surgery, our Denver plastic surgeons have years of experience with the liposuction procedure. You can count on our skill and experience to provide you with a safe, effective liposuction treatment.

We also offer variations on the liposuction procedure, one of which is VASER(R) Liposelection.

With VASER Liposelection, our Denver plastic surgeons improve on traditional liposuction by introducing ultrasound technology into the equation. In traditional liposuction, the surgeon removes fat cells using a small tube after an anesthetic solution has been injected into the treatment area.

With VASER Liposelection, we use safe ultrasound waves to break up the fat cells in the treatment area. This makes them easier to remove, reduces bruising at the injection site and cuts down on your recovery time. VASER Liposelection allows our skilled Denver plastic surgeons to more carefully and precsiely sculpt your body.

We’ll give you a thorough examination at your consultation to determine if you are a sound candidate for VASER Liposelection. If you are, we can use the procedure to remove those stubborn deposits of fat that just won’t respond to diet and exercise.

Our plastic surgeons will answer all of your questions and explain the Liposelection procedure so you understand every step.

If you’re a Denver, Colorado resident interested in learning more about VASER Liposelection from our plastic surgeons, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery today.