Will I Have Scars After My Breast Augmentation?

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One of the more common questions our Denver plastic surgeons hear from women considering a breast augmentation is how much scarring they can expect after their procedure. After all, conspicuous scarring defeats the purpose of a breast augmentation, which, put simply, is to give you more attractive breasts.

There are a number of factors that determine how much scarring you will experience. However, the reality for the vast majority of our Denver plastic surgeons’ patients is that there will be some scarring, but it will be inconspicuous and difficult to spot.

The breast augmentation has an excellent safety record, but like all procedures it will produce some scarring. Choosing the right Denver plastic surgeon will greatly reduce the scarring you experience; the surgeon’s skill and experience are crucial variables, and a better surgeon will keep scarring to a minimum.

We’ll also discuss your incision options with you before you undergo the procedure. Every incision placement option is designed to hide any resulting scars. The inframammary incision hides the incision under the breast, the peri-areolar incision blends it with the skin color of your areola and the transaxillary incision places the incision and resulting scar in your armpit.

Our Denver plastic surgeons will discuss your options and how they synchronize with your goals and priorities.

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