When is a Mommy Makeover Appropriate?

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Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’s natural to be a little dissatisfied with the way the experience of having a child has affected your body. This is certainly the case for many of our patients in Denver. A mommy makeover might be the right option for you.

Because the mommy makeover involves a number of different plastic surgery procedures, it can be a rather extensive experience. As such, the Denver plastic surgeons at Grossman Plastic Surgery will make sure a mommy makeover is appropriate before moving forward with any surgical procedures.

A mommy makeover is generally appropriate for women who have witnessed a number of cosmetic issues after pregnancy. These usually include:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Lost breast volume
  • Loosened abdominal muscles
  • Stubborn deposits of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise

If you have just a single cosmetic complaint, we can usually address that with a single procedure.

An ideal Denver mommy makeover candidate is in good overall health, has no active infections and comes in with realistic expectations for the procedures. We’ll help you determine which procedures are right for you.

If you’re a Denver, Colorado-area woman considering a mommy makeover, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery today.