When to Remove or Replace Old Breast Implants

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Breast augmentation surgery should provide you with long lasting results, but if there is a problem with your breast implants, you should have them removed or replaced. If you are experiencing a problem with your breast implants or are unhappy with the results of another surgeon, schedule a consultation with one of our board certified Denver plastic surgeons to discuss your options.

Rupture of a breast implant is the most obvious reason to have your implant replaced. If you have saline implants, you will notice a deflation in your breast if your implant ruptures. Silicone implants are more difficult to detect, but periodic MRIs are recommended to check for rupture.

You may also run into the rare complication of breast augmentation called capsular contracture. This occurs when your breast tissue contracts around the breast implant and creates an unattractive result. Your body heals from any implant by forming a capsule around the implant. This is entirely natural and nothing to worry about. Capsular contracture occurs when that capsule begins to constrict or squeeze your implant and form an unnatural shape.

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