Can I Breastfeed after Breast Augmentation?

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In most cases, women are not prevented from breastfeeding because of breast augmentation. Although breast augmentation slightly increases your risk of being unable to breastfeed, the majority of women do not have a problem.

With breast augmentation, the two main concerns are reduced nipple sensitivity, which can interfere with breastfeeding, and damaging the milk ducts. Rarely does breast augmentation damage the nerves, ducts and other areas of your breast to the point of preventing breastfeeding, but it’s still a risk you should be prepared to accept.

Some women are unable to breastfeed prior to their augmentation, and may think the augmentation has caused the issue.

You should also know saline and silicone breast implants do not pose a risk to a breastfeeding baby.

If you are concerned about what breast augmentation could mean for future pregnancies, you should speak with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. We can explain the risks to you and help you decide if now is the best time for breast augmentation.

Some women decide to wait if they are planning to get pregnant soon. Postponing the procedure until you are not planning to have any more children means your results will last longer and you can avoid any chance of breastfeeding problems.

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