What to Expect from a Thigh Lift

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If you have loose, sagging skin around your thighs, you can expect a thigh lift to restore shapely, firmer thighs. The only way to know what a thigh lift or other another surgery after weight loss can accomplish for your body is to have a discussion about your goals with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

A thigh lift is often performed as part of a more comprehensive lower body lift, which tightens sagging skin and fat in the thighs, buttocks and hips. In addition to reshaping the tissue in your thighs and removing the excess tissue with a lift, liposuction may be beneficial for removing isolated pockets of fat.

Incisions are used to lift and reshape tissue in a thigh lift. Scars will be left behind from the incisions, although the scars will be placed as inconspicuously as possible and you should be able to conceal them well when wearing clothing and swimsuits. The extensiveness of scarring depends on which areas have been lifted.

Although you may experience some moderate swelling to persist for several months, the dramatic results of a thigh lift should be visible several weeks after surgery, and these results should be long lasting unless you gain a significant amount of weight.

If you want to find out if a Denver thigh lift is right for you, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation.