What Is Breast Rejuvenation?

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Many women find that breast rejuvenation is just what they need to restore their confidence and return their youthful appearance. Whether it’s a substantial weight loss or the after-effects of pregnancy that cause your breasts to sag or look asymmetrical, a breast rejuvenation from one of the experienced doctors at Grossman Plastic Surgery can reverse these unwanted side effects on your breasts.

Depending on your desired results, you may choose a breast lift, breast augmentation, or both. A breast lift will do exactly what it sounds like it should do, lift your breast back into a perkier position. It will not change your breast size or round out the upper portion of your breast.

If you would like your breast rejuvenation to reverse the sagging in your breasts and increase their size, you will want a breast augmentation in addition to a breast lift. Working with Dr. John A. Grossman or Dr. Philippe A. Capraro, you can select the size, placement, and style of breast implant to achieve your desired look.

Our doctors are two of the premier plastic surgeons in the United States. They believe that your breast rejuvenation is a work of art. Their aesthetic sensibilities will further enhance the improvements to your physique.

If you are would like to schedule a consultation to discuss breast rejuvenation with a Denver plastic surgeon, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery.