Buttock Implants in Denver

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If you’ve tried exercise routines that promise to enhance and round your bottom, but have seen no difference, you don’t have to give up your desire for a more voluminous, rounder posterior. At Grossman Plastic Surgery, we offer buttock implants to round out your figure.

During this plastic surgery procedure, Dr. John A. Grossman or Dr. Philippe A. Capraro will make an incision in the crease between your buttocks and create a pocket below your gluteus maximus muscle to insert the silicone buttocks implants.

The plastic surgery procedure for buttock implants requires general anesthesia, so you should expect to spend one night in the hospital following your surgery. During recovery, you will not want to sit or lie on your bottom for at least two weeks.

You’ll see the results of your buttock implants almost immediately, although it can take up to six months for you to feel completely natural with your enhanced buttocks. With your new hourglass figure, your waist will appear smaller and your overall physique will have a more voluptuous appeal.

If you are in the Denver, Colorado, area and are interested in exploring the plastic surgery option of buttock implants, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation.