Initial Recovery from Breast Implant Surgery

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The initial period of healing takes place in the 24 to 48 hours after your breast augmentation procedure. When you awake from anesthesia, you may feel sore, disoriented and uncomfortable. Let our team know if you are in any pain after surgery. Your breast implants may appear high on your chest; this position is normal, and your breast implants will settles in the following days.

At Rose Medical Center in Denver, you will begin your recovery in one of the Center’s comfortable suites. Here, we can monitor your recovery from anesthesia, make sure you are ready to go home and answer any of your questions before you are released.

You must designate someone to pick you up from the surgical center and drive you home. You will not be in a condition to drive. This person, or someone else you have appointed, should stay with you for 24 hours to make sure you are recovering comfortably and to provide assistance if you need it.

You will be given complete instructions prior to your procedure so you can be prepared and plan accordingly. We will provide you with any medications you need and let you know what activities to avoid and when you should get up and walk around to increase blood circulation.

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