Breast Augmentation Can Improve Quality of Life and Reduce Risk of Eating Disorders

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Breast surgery, such as breast augmentation, can increase the size and improve the shape of breasts. In addition, researchers have shown that it can also improve women’s body image, satisfaction with their appearance, and overall self-esteem. Now a recent study shows that it can also reduce women’s risk of eating disorder symptoms.

The study, performed by researchers at a plastic surgery facility and a center for eating disorder in Finland, looked at the psychological effects of breast augmentation on 79 women who had the procedure at their hospital. The women completed three different psychological evaluations before and after their procedure. The questionnaires evaluated the women’s depression, general quality of life, and risk of acquiring an eating disorder. Researchers noted that women saw improvement in:

  • Self esteem
  • Depression
  • Body satisfaction
  • Interpersonal trust
  • Understanding of their own feelings
  • Risk of eating disorders

Although the study is small and psychological outcomes from this type of procedure are variable, the study adds to the growing evidence that the impact of breast augmentation is more than just physical.

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