Finding Your Fashion after Breast Augmentation

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After breast augmentation, you may feel more confident in your body. You may feel comfortable wearing a greater range of clothing because of the confidence you feel.

Oftentimes, women with breast implants have difficulty finding flattering clothing. The good news is that many fashion designers are beginning to create clothes that are flattering to large-busted women.

Here are some tips for revamping your style after breast augmentation:

  • Get fitted for the right bra size. A properly fitted bra creates flattering contours.
  • Have fun re-defining your style. Try on loud prints and subdued colors, and see what designs you like.
  • Accessorize. Long necklaces and chains are a good way to subtly accentuate your breasts. Try framing the necklace and cleavage in a v-neck t-shirt or dress.

Depending on the sizing of your breast implants, your breasts may be considerably larger than before. You may have to find different types and sizes of clothes than you did previously, but you may also find you have more options for a greater range of styles.

Breast augmentation can let you achieve the body proportions you have always wanted. Now, you can find clothing complementing your new look and letting you express your renewed confidence.

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