Bottoming out

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Bottoming out is a rare complication of breast augmentation, but one worth noting because it can largely be avoided by selecting a qualified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure.

Bottoming out occurs when breast implants begin to descend from their position behind the natural breast. This causes the nipple-areola complex of the breast to move higher onto the breast mound where it not only looks unnatural, but may have a tendency to pop out of a bra or swimsuit top. If your breast implants were placed through an incision at the natural breast crease (inframammary), the incision site may also begin moving up the breast mound into a more visible position.

Most often, bottoming out is caused by a plastic surgeon who removes too much support from under the breast implant pocket. This may be done either by a poor technique or an attempt to place a larger breast implant than your natural breast size can accommodate. In either case, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon should help you avoid this possible complication.

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