Visualizing Breast Augmentation Results

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Maybe you have been considering breast augmentation for some time. Dissatisfaction with your breasts can be a distracting feeling, but deciding to have breast augmentation may also feel like a big decision.
There are a couple online tools you can use to visualize breast augmentation results. ReShapR™ and Mentor’s New You Visualizer let you upload photos of yourself and then manipulate the size of your breasts. These free online tools can give you an idea of what you would look like with larger breasts. You can print the images and bring them to your consultation, so you and your plastic surgeon will have a better idea of the proportions you want.
During your consultation with the plastic surgeons at Grossman Plastic Surgery, we use different techniques for implant sizing. You can place sample breast implants under your shirt to get an idea of what different sizes will look like.
It is important to remember the limitations of any visualization tool. Your breast implants are unlikely to reproduce the exact same results as the sample implants you try on or the photos you create on the internet; however, these tools are useful in helping you to think about the size you want.
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