The Importance of Board Certification

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There are many doctors offering cosmetic and plastic surgery services as part of their practice. But how do you know whether a doctor has undergone the training necessary to deliver the exceptional outcome you deserve? Due to declining reimbursement rates from insurance companies, an increasing number of doctors in other specialties have begun offering elective cosmetic procedures to augment their incomes.

If you are not careful, you may end up having your procedure performed by a doctor who has no formal training in plastic surgery and has not met any requirements which demonstrate excellence in the field. Clearly, this is not an ideal situation to ensure that your procedure is completed with the highest degree of safety and precision.

In order to be confident that your plastic surgeon possesses the skills, training, and experience to deliver beautiful, natural looking results, you should always choose to work with someone who is board certified. To receive board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a plastic surgeon must:

  • Earn a degree from an accredited medical school
  • Complete a residency in general surgery lasting at least three years
  • Complete an additional residency specifically in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Practice plastic surgery for a minimum of two years
  • Pass rigorous oral and written exams demonstrating your knowledge and skill in the field of plastic surgery

As you can see, the board certification process is quite rigorous, and for good reason. This process serves to distinguish the truly exceptional plastic surgeons from those doctors who simply offer cosmetic services as part of their practice.

Why trust your safety and appearance to a surgeon who lacks the skills and experience to deliver the exceptional results you deserve? By working with someone who is board certified, you can eliminate much of the uncertainty associated with choosing the right plastic surgeon.

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