How Safe is Liposuction?

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Advances in liposuction techniques and technology over the past two decades have made the procedure very safe. When performed by a highly skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon, you can achieve beautiful, natural looking results with minimal risk of complications.

Several factors will impact the safety of your procedure:

  • The skill level and experience of your surgeon
  • Whether you are a suitable candidate
  • The amount of fat you have removed

The most important factor impacting the safety of your liposuction procedure is the skill level and experience of your plastic surgeon. There are many doctors offering liposuction services who do not even specialize in plastic surgery. Some of these physicians have only completed weekend training courses before performing the procedure. Working with inexperienced doctors like these can significantly increase your risk of liposuction complications. In order to ensure your procedure is performed according to the highest levels of safety using the most advanced techniques available, you should always work with a board certified plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds, if not thousands, of liposuction procedures.

It is also important to make sure you are a suitable candidate for liposuction. Certain factors such as your medical history, the current state of your health, or being far away from your target weight may increase your risk and rule you out as a candidate. At your initial consultation, Dr. Grossman and Dr. Capraro will determine whether you are an ideal candidate before moving forward with your procedure.

You should keep in mind that liposuction is not intended to remove massive quantities of fat from a large region of your body. To achieve optimal results, your procedure should remove targeted pockets of fat from an isolated region of your body. In many cases, removing large quantities of fat can significantly increase the risks associated with your liposuction procedure.

Board certified Denver plastic surgeons Dr. John A. Grossman and Dr. Philippe A. Capraro have performed thousands of liposuction procedures, achieving exceptional results with their patients. Dr. Grossman has been performing liposuction since it was first introduced in the United States in the 1980s. He has used and tested just about every liposuction technique during his career in order to determine which approach will deliver the safest results for his patients.

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