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Finding Your Fashion after Breast Augmentation

After breast augmentation, you may feel more confident in your body. You may feel comfortable wearing a greater range of clothing because of the confidence you feel.

Oftentimes, women with breast implants have difficulty finding flattering clothing. The good news is that many fashion designers are beginning to create clothes that are flattering to large-busted women.

Here are some tips for revamping your style after breast augmentation:

How does rippling occur?

Rippling can be one of the tell-tale signs of breast augmentation, and it not only reveals the presence of breast implants, but can lead to unattractive results. Rippling used to be a common complication of breast augmentation, but innovations in breast implant design and changes in breast augmentation technique have made it less common than in the past.

Get a Chin Implant with Your Nose Job: Balancing Your Facial Profile

Most people who seek out a rhinoplasty – more commonly known as a nose job – are frustrated by the way their nose protrudes and throws off the balance of their facial profile. However, few people consider that the position of the chin makes a big difference in the appearance of your nose. If your chin is in a good position, it will make your nose appear smaller, and your overall face will look more proportionate.

Breast Augmentation without Implants

Recent advances in fat transfer techniques have made breast augmentation without breast implants a much safer and more effective procedure. It is now possible to increase your breasts by as much as a whole cup size using fat transfer methods. If you prefer a more natural approach than is provided using breast implants, ask our Denver plastic surgeons if breast augmentation using fat transfer is right for you.

Can I be Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

Board-certified Denver Plastic Surgeon Dr. John A. Grossman was recently on the television program The View with an 81 year old patient who was preparing to have a facelift. One of the questions he was asked was “Do you think it’s safe to do such surgery on a woman of this age?” That question can easily be rephrased as “Can I be too old for plastic surgery?”

Dr. Grossman’s response on The View is the same response he gives to patients of any age:


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