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The Skinny

It can be short, sweet, to the point, and you’ll be able to walk away. It’s called liposuction, and it’s becoming more than just a trend.

Fatigued to Fabulous

Ok, admit it, you’re looking in the mirror all the time. Whether you’re at home at the vanity, passing by a window, or found a chrome bumper on a car in the parking garage at the mall, you’re staring, and judging yourself. Meanwhile, the lady in the driver’s seat of that car, is looking in her rearview mirror, and staring at the same thing.

Hand Rejuvenation as seen on The Doctors

As seen on “The Doctors” on 2/10/11, revitalizing the appearance of your hands is easier than you think. Our hands tend to have the most exposure to outside elements and environmental damage. They work, play, high five, applaud, and shake. And what thanks do our hands get? They endure excessive washing with the occasional hand lotion, most often without SPF protection.  It’s time to let our hands shine!

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